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Name Uup
Category Communication
Size 52.4MB
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Publisher DTSocialize LTD
Score 6.0
Publish Date 20/05/2022
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Uup Game Introduction :

Anonymity is the integral aspect the UUP technology is built on. A group of servers, which do not have access to the whereabouts of the person that connects, form a network at the lower level. Each client is provided with a public key as well as a private key, both of which are not sent to the server. This way, the identity of the user is protected. The hash algorithms derived from the client\’s device are irreversible making it impossible to trace the public key corresponding to the communication channels open on the server.
There are two libraries at the device level. One deals with the transmission protocol with the server while the other deals with a high performing protocol that works at the byte level in the binary to extract the maximum potential of the hardware without weighing down the machine. From simple texts to large video broadcasting, the expandable \”point to multipoint\” protocol can be used for the massive transmission of encrypted data. The intrinsic speed of the server makes large file transmissions possible.
Unlike competing applications, the under-development protocol of UUP guarantees a high level of security and confidentiality through a trustless system and open-source data encryption.

Uup App is based on asymmetric encryption of messages and secure channeling for communication. Application is based on the concept of public key and private key. Users can only be contacted if they share a public key and add contact. Private key is generated based on the device and it doesn\’t need any email, mobile number or anything else to work. It just needs an internet connection and mobile device. Public key can be shared with the QR code or simply scan the code.

Once application is installed the next steps include

1. Open your Uup and enter (where it asks you) your name (or name and surname, or nickname). Click next and you are in the App.
2. There are 4 main menu options at the bottom of the screen. First one is the chat screen. It will be empty at the start as no contact is added yet. Second option is to scan or share your QR code for others to add. Third once in the lis is the profile where you can edit your username, image and share your public key with others. Last one is the menu for settings of the application.
3. For dealing with adding contacts and sharing your key or QR code we have added menu options on the top left corner of the screen. You can Add Contact from there by copy pasting the Public Key or scanning the QR code for the user.
4. Once a user is added, the system notifies the other user also about adding in the contacts list. Now you can open chat, send messages (audio, images and text) and also record voices for voice notes. Location can also be send via message.
Our system is secure in a way that we don’t store any kind of user data. Even pictures messages are also stored in encrypted way on the device and won’t appear in gallery and also not accessible to any other app.

Uup Game screenshot :