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Name Referral by Wazin
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Publish Date 03/06/2022
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Referral by Wazin

Referral by Wazin Game Introduction :

The objective of this Application is to build an effective mobile solution for clinics to refer patients to each other. The clinics can setup their account and refer their patients to another clinic who required any specific assessment not offered by their own clinic

This application works as a platform that is dedicated to the private clinics and laboratories, mainly, in Kuwait UPON contract to help in their referral system.

The App is targeted for the clinics and laboratories that will be facilitated to refer patients to each other. If patient requires any specific assessment that is not offered in the clinic/lab where they are receiving treatment then clinic can refer the respective patient to another clinic/lab.

The Application will need the clinics and the laboratories to be registered (with verified email) prior to their ability to refer the patients to the other clients we have (Clinics/Labs).

The subscriber clinics/labs should provide us with a list of the medical/lab services provided by them to customers and their prices, their brand and their trade name as well as their addresses and contact details. In order for us to put it in an appropriate manner within the application.

Thereafter they can refer their patients as needed to any of the categories in the application (subspecialty clinics & laboratories).

Once the patient is referred, the other clinic can accept or reject the referral according to their services. They may need to contact the Referred from Clinic/patient by phone for further assessment of the Date and Time needed for the appointment.

Once the case has been approved, the patient will be notified by payment message for him/her to do the payment before providing him/her with the Date and time of the appointment. When the patient pays, the booking will be confirmed. The date of the appointment will be confirmed. The date and time specified by Clinic/Laboratory will be emailed/texted to the Patient.

In Summary, The clinic that is referring the patient is the one responsible of adding the right details of their patient. The “referred to” clinic must accept the referral before the procedure can go on. After agreement the Patient will be contacted through email and SMS to confirm the date and time of the appointment.


The Clinics/Labs Must:

1.Clinics/Laboratories shall be responsible for the validity and legality of the services provided to the first party in order to present them on the website.

2. Clinics/Laboratories when accept any case / patient referred to it by the any Clinic/Lab in the app, and shall be bound to perform its services to the fullest extent of the professional and professional assets. It shall also comply with the good treatment of all cases referred to it.

3. Clinics/Laboratories shall be solely responsible for complying with applicable laws, regulations, regulations, standards and standards.

6. Clinics/Laboratories shall be committed to standardize the prices of its services within and outside the application.

8. Clinics/Laboratories shall correct or rectify any error to be alerted by the Application admin within (15) days from the date of the alert, provided that the notification shall be by written notification sent by fax or e-mail.

Referral by Wazin Game screenshot :