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Name Otomeken Musashi – Samurai high school –
Category Adventure
Size 58.8MB
Popularity 3435
Publisher 花梨ゲームズ
Score 6.0
Publish Date 27/05/2022
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Otomeken Musashi – Samurai high school –

Otomeken Musashi – Samurai high school – Game Introduction :

[High school X Japanese swords]
Tenka Muso is a high school girl! ? Beat the handsome Swordsman!
After training, challenge one-on-one serious match \”defeated battles\”-\”group battle\” of one net exhaustion!
The story main part is a full voice of a luxurious cast.
Love Love Youth with the Masters Ado Bencha!
Whereabouts of youth love battle over Tenka Muso\’s daughter-in-law! ?

I, An Kokura . My paced high school student who lives in the country.

But one day, I got the key of the storehouse that I did not open and picked up the battered wood stick inside.
At that time, I heard the voice of a man …
\”The second generation. My wooden sword, cherish\”

At that time I did not mind, but it will be very difficult from the next day!
People who held the sword came and said, \”Musashi, game!\”
Everybody says that I am the second generation of Musashi, and I\’ll fight because I\’ll be killed even though …
If it is defeated by the sword game, it is true that it will be doomed to follow the winner.
What\’s so funny at this time, isn\’t it?

What the hell is it! ?

[View of the world]
Those who have been good at martial arts since ancient times have been called \”Kenshi\” and have transmitted that art to later generations …

Japan is in a similar age, following a path slightly different from today\’s Japan.
Here, there was a school that gathered the descendants of the former swordsman.
The students who were allowed to wear Obi swords went to the dojo like the old swordsmen, competed for arms, and enjoyed youth.

But many of them don\’t know yet.
Beyond that, an inevitable battle that has been organized is waiting for …

Producer: Kazenomiya Sonoe
Scenario: Kazenomiya Sonoe Canna Natsumi
Character draft: Lanpumi
Music: Rokka Nao Kosaka
Production: karinto

Natsumi Hioka / Natsuki Hanae / Sho Karino / Yoshitsugu Matsuoka / Junji Majima / Reona Irie / Minami Takahashi / Ayano Murata / Gakuto Kajiwara / Taishi Murata / Syunichi Toki / Takuya Sato / Masatomo Nakazawa / Natsumi Oshita / Seigo Yokota / Iida Toshinobu / Iguchi Yuichi / Tokuotake Tatsuya / Ono Yuki / Yasuaki Takumi / Atsushi Abe / Nonaka Ryo / Kenji Roa / Shimotsuki Yukari / Sato Kazuki / Nobe Kenta / Sakai Kodai / Shirai Yusuke / Yanagida Junichi / Aoki Yuta / Ishii Takahide / Daisuke Kageura / Yasunobu Iwata / Ksyosuke Kitayama / Shogo Matsuyama / Hiroki Shimowada / Takeshi Nishimura / Masaaki Mizunaka and others (in any order)

[Recommended environment]
Android 5.0 or later
Required Open GL ES 3.0 or later
Operation other than the recommended environment is not supported.
Operation may become uneasy even in the recommended environment depending on the usage situation. Please note.

Otomeken Musashi – Samurai high school – Game screenshot :