Download Brave) MOD APK v1.0.6 [Unlimited Money(Increase when you spent)] for Android

Name Brave)
Category Adventure
Size 92.9MB
Popularity 2288
Publisher CyberX Games
Score 6.0
Publish Date 02/07/2021
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Mod Info:

Brave) Unlimited Money(Increase when you spent)

Brave) Game Introduction :

Thousands of years have passed since the defeat of the Demon King several times.
Again, a new battle for the brave is about to begin.
Brave man \”Please let me join!\”
■ Story
The next hero is a junior high school student with no friends! ??
Brave man \”Hah … I have no friends even though I\’m about to graduate.\”
Brave man \”Do you count with tatami eyes at home today?\”
A brave man who reincarnated into a lonely junior high school student, one day after school,
Miyu Miyu, a junior idol, tells us the shocking facts!
Miyu Miyu \”Seniors are botchi at school because of the trap set by the Demon King (Chairman)!\”
Brave man \”??? No. This person is serious.\”
Miyu Miyu \”Junior high school life, the basics of human relationships are club activities.\”
Miyu Miyu \”First of all, I will forcibly join an affordable club and make more friends.\”
Brave man \”Every club activity is refused in one year!\”
Miyu Miyu \”I can\’t help it, here … let\’s force ourselves from the front.\”
Brave man \”By force !?\”
■ Game features
・ A neglected super inflation game that you can play with just a tap!
An extraordinary amount of attack power that exceeds 100 million and trillion! You can save money even if you leave it alone!
・ Conversation with a unique director who does not engage at all!
Gardening Department \”I planted durians behind the staff room. I\’m surprised a few years later.\”
・ Support attacks by utilizing everyone\’s special skills!
\”Support performance of brass band club\” \”Pinch runner by track and field club ace\” is activated! !!
・ If you feel the enemy is strong, reset button!
You can redo the acquired items as many times as you like with the initial status up!
・ Find a dark gacha shop and get enhancement items!
Father \”O brave man, I\’m sorry for the gacha, skipping club activities.\”
・ Aim for the chairman\’s office while increasing the number of friends!
From major club activities to minor club activities in the school.
More than 30 club activities appear! (Scheduled to be added in the update)
I wonder if your club activities will appear! ??

Brave) Game screenshot :

Brave(Unlimited Money(Increase when you spent)) Game screenshot  1

Brave(Unlimited Money(Increase when you spent)) Game screenshot  2

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