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Name Animatronic Mod for Minecraft
Category Entertainment
Size 32.4MB
Popularity 6937
Publisher Gorda Games
Score 6.0
Publish Date 20/05/2022
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Mod Info:

Animatronic Mod for Minecraft

Animatronic Mod for Minecraft Game Introduction :

The Animatronic mod for Minecraft PE will add epic characters to the survival game.
With this mod for Mcpe can be played both single and multiplayer.
In Minecreft, you need to be able to survive with other participants. For fun, you can download various mods, maps, addons and skinns in this addon for Mcpe.

The mod will add animatronic mod that will try with all their might to challenge you! so get ready! Change your appearance with skins.

Try survival in a completely different style! Invite your friends to join and try cool mod features together!

Download the novelty and change your perception of the classic game. Diversify the gameplay with interesting challenges and conquer the online Mcpe world with your courage!

Animatronics have been very popular for a long time, so we highly recommend finding out who they are as soon as possible. Mobs will attack, talk and move. Run away from monsters or face off. Some animatronics are faster, others are slower, but they all have the same goal – to kill the player as soon as possible.

Animatronics are not only fast, but they also hit hard. In addition, the mobs received 100 health units, which means that the battle with the monsters will not be easy.

Map for animatronics
On this map, you can view all the features and play with your friends.

You can control the animatronic statues: to do this, you need to kill the plush Foxdy
Plush Foxy sits on the ground

List of animatronics
Toy Freddy
Toy Bonnie
Toy Chica
Foxy toy
Jay Jay
Toy Chica without a beak
Withered Freddie
Withered Bonnie
Withered Chica
Withered Foxy
Withered Golden Freddy
Withered Bonnie with a face
Shadow Freddy
Shadow Bonnie
Freddy plush toy
Bonnie plush toy
Chica plush toy
Foxy plush toy

Changes in the new version
Improved models and animations
Custom Blocks
Patterns and furniture
Map added
Added masks

Features mod craft for Minecraft
– App support in all Android versions.
– Easy to download and install freddy craft mods and maps.
– Supports offline mods.
– Instructions inside the application.

Install Animatronic Mod maps into your Minecraft world and start an amazing journey.

In addition to the marvel mod for minecraft, we also added many other useful mods: Animatronic Mod, Freddy Craft, Night Watch, skins, minecraft shaders, survival maps, and much more that you can install in our happy mod app.

Freddy Craft
Do you like fnaf? If so then we have something in common, but I also like minecraft so I decided to make my own addon based around it but I decided to do something I have yet to see, make the animatronics craftable

This addon adds in characters from the iconic game franchise Five Nights at Freddy\’s, it\’s been done before but I added a twist, it allows you to craft the animatronics

Night Watch
Welcome to Everyone\’s Pizza Slice, an abandoned pizzeria whereby you watch over the place at night. Instead of the regular animatronics you expect at a FNaF Pizzeria ripoff, you see your friends… This time they are less predictable, since they are living breathing humans sprinting across the twisted halls.

Grab a friend or more and come on down to Everyone\’s Pizza Slice… except you aren\’t here for the pizza nor the fun arcade games. One or two of you will have to work the night shift, and the rest are out for their blood..

Install our application only from the Play Market, leave your feedback and ratings, thanks to your Minecraft mod developers!

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Mojang product and is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB. The Minecraft name, the Minecraft trademark, and the Minecraft assets are the property of Mojang AB or their respected owner. This app follows the relevant usage guidelines at

Animatronic Mod for Minecraft Game screenshot :

Animatronic Mod for Minecraft Game screenshot  1

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